BMA Newsletter | ISSUE 2017

  • BMA AGM 3, Pre-AGM Talk and Pre-AGM Field Activities;
  • Message from BMA President
  • BMA Trial Plot
  • Technical Discussion and Potential Collaboration between Biochar Malaysia Association (BMA) and Association of Biochar Indonesia (ABI)
  • BMA visit to Biomass Technology Unit, MPOB-UKM
  • BRIS-FIXER: Biochar-compost for Sustainable Sandy Soil Management
  • Biochar Pilot Plant: Fac. of Engineering, UPM
  • Biochar for Youths
  • Biocahr as Source of Income
  • Inovasi Biochar Tangani Sisa Pertanian
  • Biochar: Banana Festival 2018 at Bukit Selambar, Kedah
  • Biochar Research in Faculty of Agriculture, UPM
  • 50 Research Publications In Malaysia
  • BMA Membership List

BMA Newsletter | ISSUE 2016

  • BMA Talk;
  • Message from BMA president;
  • UPM-BMA Biochar to Community;
  • UM-Biochar Workshop;
  • Biochar in Sustainable Agriculture;
  • MARDI-BIORiCHAR, Biochar based organic fertiliser for environmental sustainability and improved organic crop production;
  • BIO-RiCHAR Technology Launching During SEAVEG2016;
  • FRIM- New Frontiers in New Forests Establishment on Degraded Soils