Since the establishment of Biochar Malaysia Association (BMA), BMA has actively educating public and conducting knowledge sharing sessions with the community through the activities conducted by its members from Faculty of Agriculture, UPM.

Amongst the activities were the knowledge sharing session of biochar application in organic farming in the programme “Pendidikan Organik untuk Pemakanan Sihat” held at Organic Unit, Ladang 16, Faculty of Agriculture, UPM on  12th November 2016. The specialty of this programme was the target community group, which was the students of age 6-12 years old. Educating the younger generation of biochar application as soil amendments was seen crucial for greener environment for future generations. Biochar with other organic soil amendments can help to restore soil conditions for its sustainability as well as improving plant growth. These organic amendments are suitable alternative for chemical fertilisers that can also negatively affect the environment and become hazard to human.

Other than that, biochar produced for soil application is a practical method to reduce carbon footprint through carbon sequestration in soil. This idea was also shared in demonstration on biochar varying sources and biochar uses as soil amendment, growth medium, compost formulation  in organic farming, which was the most engaging programme for public who came to visit the Organic Unit, Faculty of Agriculture, UPM during the Faculty of Agriculture Open Day last 19-20th March 2017.

Promotional activities of BMA including the membership promotional fliers were also done throughout both programmes. This  social engagement and knowledge sharing with communities is hope to bring new prospects biochar production and its application as well as knowledge and technology in wider  area and larger community.


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